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Optimizing Your Adrenal Health

You know stress is not good for you. But do you know that it’ll make you fat? We are going to dive deep in how your adrenal glands work to monitor your stress reaction. And then we’re going to explore how chronic stress leads to adrenal dysfunction and insulin resistance. Your Adrenals, Stress, and Insulin Resistance. When you’ve finished the training you’ll find a super special bonus on how to be the calm in your life.

Your Sex Hormones

In this course we will dive deep in how your sex hormones affect every aspect of your health. And then we’re going to explore how how to get your hormones back in balance using my proven Hormone Healing System.

Your Thyroid, Brains, Beauty

The thyroid affects so many parts of the body, this course focuses on the thyroid and its effect on the rest of your hormones.