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6 Bags of Genesis Gold® and 6 Bags of Sacred Seven® - Save $338
Genesis Gold Hypothalamus Support
6 Bags of Genesis Gold® and 6 Bags of Sacred Seven® - Save $338
6 Bags of Genesis Gold® and 6 Bags of Sacred Seven® - Save $338
6 Bags of Genesis Gold® and 6 Bags of Sacred Seven® - Save $338

6 Bags of Genesis Gold® and 6 Bags of Sacred Seven® - Save $338

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 SAVE $338 WHEN YOU BUY 6 BAGS OF EACH Genesis Gold® & Sacred Seven®

Genesis Gold® is a highly absorbable powdered blend of wildly harvested, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free herbs, ancient grains, sea vegetation and super green foods that encases a unique amino acid blend that supports your Hypothalamus, balances hormones, brain chemistry, and immunity, enhances digestion and detoxification, and optimizes genetic potential. 


GHP LogoKeeps Your Hormones in Harmony®, Balances Your Brain Chemistry and Optimizes Your Immune Function 

GHP LogoHeals Your Hypothalamus with a special blend of plant based amino acids 

GHP LogoProvides whole plant food micronutrients to optimize your digestion and detoxification 

GHP LogoIncreases your energy by enhancing mitochondrial production 

GHP LogoImproves your sleep by normalizing your circadian rhythm 



One 12 gram scoop is average dose for 150 pound person. Take more or less according to your weight (about 1/3 scoop per 50 pounds of body weight) Take in the morning on an empty stomach mixed in water, better shaken than stirred.  


Sacred Seven® is the only nutritional formula designed specifically to support the HYPOTHALAMUS. The hypothalamus is the maestro of the symphony of hormones which control your—digestion, detoxification, growth, repair, sleep, sex drive, reproduction, stress response, metabolism, body composition, immunity, healing, cognition, learning and memory.


Sacred Seven® Amino Acid Blend helps:

 teardroplogo.png Deepen sleep and normalize circadian rhythm    

teardroplogo.png Normalize temperature control and body metabolism   

teardroplogo.png Optimize brain function   

teardroplogo.png Improve immune function   

teardroplogo.png Balance hormones


Watch this video to learn more about how Sacred Seven® Amino Acid Blend can help your body heal:

Suggested Dose for Sacred Seven®:

Take 1 teaspoon per day mixed in water on an empty stomach

Okay to mix together with Genesis Gold® 

Sacred Seven Supplement Facts 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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