Divine Daughters Unite

When you heal a woman, you heal her family, her community, her world.

Divine Daughters Unite is a non-profit organization which unites young women across the world through direct participation in charitable works.


Divine Daughters Unite develops charitable opportunities for girls and young women to foster a sense of loving compassion in joyous service to other “divine daughters” in need all across the world.


Two thirds of the board of directors consists of young women representing various backgrounds, religious upbringing, cultures and ethnicities. The rest of the board consists of an advisory council of older women with experience in running non-profit organizations.

The board of directors chooses which projects and charities to pursue annually. The purpose of involving such young women in direct charitable efforts is to nurture connections between nations, cultures and religions with a common goal to recognize and venerate the “divine daughter” in others.

Divine Daughters Unite is a 501(c) corporation.


Hello, I am Deborah Maragopoulos, a board certified family nurse practitioner, a speaker, and an author. After writing LoveDance®: Awakening the Divine Daughter, I realized the importance of the Divine Daughter energy of passion, joy and love in the world today. 

I wanted to give a portion of my proceeds to a charity, but there are so many from which to choose.

So I founded Divine Daughters Unite—a nonprofit designed to empower young women through compassionate service. I am very excited to be serving on this delightful board of directors. 

The young women are full of loving energy, eager to serve, and burst with wonderful ideas. I am honored to be serving on the board of directors of Divine Daughters Unite.

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