Instructions for Setting up your Affiliate Account

Step 1. Sign Up

Go to to set up your account.

You will see the page that we have included a picture of to the right.

Fill out the form and click sign up.

Genesis Gold Affiliate Registration

Step 2. Welcome to your Account

Here is the dashboard where you can manage your account.

**IMPORTANT** Make sure you go to settings and input your paypal email, so that we can pay you your commissions around the every month.

Don't forget to bookmark this page and save your password.

Step 3. Receive Welcome Email

You will receive this email.

It contains

1. the link that you will use to log in and manage your account - and

2. your affiliate tracking link which you will give to your customers in order to start earning your affiliate commissions!

Step 4. Log into your Account Anytime

Here is where you will login to your affiliate account to manage your account details -  

If you forget your password, then you can easily reset it on this screen, as well.

Within your affiliate portal you'll be able to manage your conversions, see your payment history, check messages, look at reporting and edit your settings to create new affiliate links.

Step 5. Create Links to Other Pages

Under the link options you can shorten your link or create a link to any page on our website. For now, the link you are given takes customers to the Homepage.

If you want to create a link to take them to a specific product page, then you can make a new link through this option - "create link to a specific page".

Instructions for Creating Links to Other Pages

Step 1: Click on "Create link to a Specific Page"

Step 2: Copy the URL from the list below or from the website

Step 3: Delete the link that is in the box already.

Step 4: Paste your link in the box.

Step 5: Press "Create Link"

Step 6: Copy your link and save it somewhere

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