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DMAR® Intuitive Integrative Health Series

DMAR® Intuitive Integrative Health Series

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DMAR® Intuitive Integrative Health Series for Health Care Practitioners

A unique intuitive integrative health approach to assess and treat neuro-immune-endocrine and hypothalamic disorders, including optimizing digestion, assimilation, detoxification and mitochondrial energy production using natural nutritional and bio-identical hormone therapies.





DMAR® Intuitive Integrative Health Series

Seven Modules: 

  • Module 1— Neuro-immne-endocrine system and hypothalamic connection review. First Chakra: Gonadal function - age related decline, infertility, sex steroid dysfunction, use of bio-identical hormones and how to create our most beautiful, healthy selves. 

  • Module 2 — Second Chakra: Pancreatic function - insulin resistance, obesity, metabolic syndrome and how to receive the sweetness in life. 

  • Module 3 — Third Chakra: Adrenal function – insufficiency, fatigue, stress related disorders and how to balance our sacred power. 

  • Module 4 — Fourth Chakra: Thymus function - age related decline, autoimmunity, allergies, cancer and how to protect ourselves through compassion. 

  • Module 5 — Fifth Chakra: Thyroid function – hypometabolism, hyperthyroidism, thyroiditis, and how to express our truth. 

  • Module 6 — Sixth and Seventh Chakras: Pituitary and Pineal function- mood, learning, memory, sleep disorders and how to receive divine insight.
  • Module 7 — The Base of the Pyramid of Health: Digestion, assimilation, detoxification and energy production and how to nourish body and soul. 

All modules will focus on: 

  • nutritional therapeutics
  • herbal health 
  • glandular therapies 
  • bio-identical hormone therapy 
  • mind-body-spirit health 
  • symbology of dis-ease 
  • anti-aging health 
  • functional diagnostics and therapeutics 
  • integration of eastern and western medicine


Included in this course is 7 packets of slides and 7 video lectures. Upon completion of the course and the evaluation you receive:

14 CEUs 
California Board of Registered Nursing Continuing Education Provider # CEP16243