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Your Metabolism

Your Metabolism

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Are you on the diet train? Do you feel as if you’re constantly working out and still struggling to lose weight? There are many factors that affect your fitness, obesity and metabolism. If you are a yo-yo dieter, work out without seeing results, or seem to feel hungry all the time, it may be an issue with your hormones.

In this course, we will focus on body composition and understand that fitness is more important than weight. We’ll learn how hormones, genes, sleep, stress, and your bacterial ecology can affect your weight. We’ll also discuss how to successfully fix these issues, with the help of the Hormone Healing System.

What is the Hormone Healing System, you ask? With 30 years experience healing the hormonally challenged, Dr. Maragopoulus created this system to help her patients focus on the most important things one needs to do to heal. Each interactive learning module is designed to help you understand the amazing complexity of your body, and easy practical tools are provided to help you implement what you learn. Comprehensive question and answer sessions allow you to get the information you need to be successful in reaching your health goals.

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