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Love Dance®

Love Dance®

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LoveDance: Awakening the Divine Daughter
by Deborah Maragopoulos FNP
Mary Magdalen Unveils HerStory 
Join Her Journey 
Heal Your Soul

LoveDance unveils HERstory


What happened to the Sacred Feminine perspective?

Throughout history written by men,  
mothers whispered HERStory to their beloved daughters.

The sacred feminine is not lost, nor is she forgotten. 
She has been veiled by history.

Time to unveil HERStory.


As Mary’s story unfolded through visions and dreams, I awakened to the fullness of my intuitive gifts. Yet trained in the scientific method, I searched for some proof of what felt like a remembrance. And I found the skeleton of the story I had written, but not the flesh of the people 2000 years ago. Historians provided a framework, a rough timeline of political events, the masculine perspective of who had the strongest blade, the wars over land, the uprising and assassinations of kings, the ridiculous arguments over whose god was more powerful, a record of mankind—HISstory.

But where’s HERstory? The feminine perspective providing details of life back then, the chalice which held the blood of the people? Where were the women and children, the celebrations of life? The tools used to feed, clothe, and shelter our ancestors made of hardstuff—bronze, copper, tin—survived to suggest day to day tasks, yet the softness of women eroded with time.

All of history has been recorded by men (or if by the rare feminine hand, under a masculine penname) for the written word is power and men feared to give it up. So women kept alive HERstory through song and dance. Watch the delicate movements of the bellydancer’s hands, she is telling a story only her sisters recognize.

LoveDance is an intimate telling of the women’s lives in the chamam, in the kitchen, in the bridal chambers. LoveDance unveils the grace and the beauty of the times as well as the passion and the sorrow. LoveDance is HERstory.


Blessings, Deborah