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LoveDance® of the Magdalen

LoveDance® of the Magdalen

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LoveDance® of the Magdalen
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Mary Magdalen’s true role in history is finally told in LoveDance® of the Magdalen. After two years of honing her healing gifts in Alexandria, Mary returns to Judaea to help her husband fulfill his mission.

Before Yeshua can proclaim himself king of Yisrael, Mary must complete eight initiations – two by water, two by fire, two by earth, two by air – yet she struggles knowing with the final initiation, she will lose her beloved.

In the face of the Herodians and the Roman oppression, Yeshua struggles with his disciples who cannot accept his wife’s authority. But Yeshua realizes Mary is the Magdalen – the way to the Divine.

In LoveDance® Awakening the Divine Daughter :: Book I, Mary awakened to her truth as the divine daughter.

In Book II, Mary realizes the fullness of her sacred feminine power to unite with the divine masculine in sacred unity. LoveDance® of the Magdalen unveils the powerful effect of Mary and Yeshua’s sacred marriage on human consciousness.