Cover of Deborah Maragopoulos' Online Course for nurse practitioners about the crown chakra or digestion and detoxification
DMAR course assessing and treating body, mind and soul
Endocrine Glands reflect chakras as east meets west
Nurse Practitioner Objectives for Module 7 learning about the neuro-immune-endocrine connection during digestion and detoxification

DMAR® - Intuitive Integrative Health - Module 7 Digestion & Detoxification

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DMAR® Intuitive Integrative Health for Health Care Providers - Module 7 

Module 7 — The Base of the Pyramid of Health: Digestion, assimilation, detoxification and energy production and how to nourish body and soul.

Each module focuses on: 

  • nutritional therapeutics
  • herbal medicine 
  • glandular therapies 
  • bio-identical hormone therapy 
  • mind-body-spirit medicine 
  • symbology of dis-ease 
  • anti-aging medicine 
  • functional diagnostics and therapeutics 
  • integration of eastern and western medicine

Included in this course is 55 pages of slides and 1 hour 4 minutes of lecture material. Upon completion of the course and the evaluation you receive:
2 CEUs California Board of Registered Nursing Continuing Education Provider # CEP16243