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Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneurs Ebook

Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneurs Ebook

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Congratulations for aspiring to run your own practice. Holistic health care options are in high demand and your desire to fulfill that need means you are on the cusp of great healing transformations in health care delivery.

When I opened my private practice in 1997, there were no successful models to follow. I had to educate a corporate lawyer on the collaborative relationship between nurse practitioners and physicians in order to create a corporation that would protect us both.

There was no malpractice insurance available to nurse practitioner entrepreneurs at the time, so I worked with Nurses Service Organization to develop a viable model that is now used by NP entrepreneurs nationwide.

I have been blessed to have had the same collaborating physician for the past 15 years. Although I had to educate him on the legalities of our collaborative relationship, he supports me and my integrative medical practice whole heartedly, in fact often calls me to consult on his patients who are interested in integrative therapies. 

I wish there had been a colleague experienced in running a fee for service business when I first opened my practice. I made a lot of mistakes in the first six months, mainly because I had the mindset of an employee and not a business owner. The best thing I did for my practice was to hire a manager experienced in running a small business. She has saved me thousands of dollars and lots of headaches, plus she takes care of all the financial aspects so that I am free to practice integrative medicine, provide holistic services, and create multiple streams of income. 

I created the YES You Can Ebook for the Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneur as a guideline to get started in your health care practice. I also offer business consultations 

To Your Success,

Deborah Maragopoulos MN FNP-BC

Intuitive Integrative Medicine