Hormones in Harmony Survival Guide for the Hormonally Challenged Woman

Hormones in Harmony® Survival Guide for Hormonally Challenged Woman E-book

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Survival Guide for the Hormonally Challenged Woman + Joyous Transformation Workbook 2020 revised edition (92 page eBook plus digital journal)

Newly revised, longer 2020 edition of the Survival Guide and the Workbook combined in 92 page digital format.

Deborah Maragopoulos MN FNP-BC put together this eBook for a Hormones in Harmony® workshop and now it's available to you!

Improve your Health, Enjoy loving Relationships, Discover your Purpose with this special guide and workbook created to empower you to be your Best Self.

"I love your manuals. THANK YOU!!! They are Beautiful, Truthful, Honoring and Sacred!" Kimberly Ludwig, Santa Barbara, CA